ISADD New Zealand
Therapy and Support Services for Children, Adolescents and Adults living with Autism/ASD

ISADD provides a holistic, evidence based service to children, adolescents and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other related disabilities. Advice and support is also provided to families and carers and we regard parents as essential partners in achieving positive change. All interventions are based on behavioural strategies such as Applied Behaviour Analysis and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy which are individualized and tailored to meet needs and are evaluated regularly. Strategies are reviewed, modified and revised as new evidence suggests.

ISADD was established in 1994 in Perth. Western Australia by Jura Tender and Jennifer Bolland, and was the first provider to offer ABA based early intervention services in Australia and South East Asia, based on the Lovaas model, as both principals had studied under I.O. Lovaas. Today ISADD provides modern ABA, and is responsive to new evidence as it becomes available. ISADD also has expanded services to all age groups given the obvious need, and has established bases in other countries, although Perth remains ISADD's Head Office.

ISADD provides the following services
ISADD's philosophy

ISADD bases its intervention strategies on the following concepts which are supported by thorough research data: